It contains an interior frame made with solid plastic waste which serves as thermal insulation as well as an interior falsework to an interior structural frame.

Made with 8×8 armex, structurally dimentional welded with a hooked self-assembling system, manufactured with 3/8 rebar, distributed in trio fashion on either side of each side to produce an anti-earthquake laterally anchoring safety system.

Length: 2.44 m       |       Width: .61 cm      |      Thickness: 10 cm       |       Weight: 95 kg


Structural frame made with 1.22 x 1.22 m sq fashion welded armex together with a set of grids. They contain an armex beam sructural frame.

It contains a 2cm thick concrete celling sheet serving as apparent finishing, avoiding the need for falsework. A 3/8 rebar certainly reinforced element also containing a series of electro welded wire mesh 6/6 10/10 as well as a ceiling grid giving buildings structural strength.

Length: 1.22 m         |        Width: 1.22 m


It contains a thermal cube primodially made of previously transformed recycled thermoplastics through an exclusive EcoDom.S.A.PI.de.CV process this thermal cube allows the containment of an interior air pocket impeding direct trransmission of temperature to other rooms or spaces.

Besides, it contains a structural frame made with 8X8, squre fashion welded armex measuring (1.22 x 1.22)m together with a set of grids.

Thermal roofing contains:

  1. A structural frame made with armex beams.
  2. A 2 cm thick concrete ceiling sheet serving as apparent finishing which avoids the placement of falsework.
  3. A reinforced element with a 3/8 rebar core.
  4. A 6/6 10/10 electro welded mesh as well as ceiling grid which gives buildings structural strength.

Length: 1.22 m          |       Width: 1.22 m


Their function is to provide a crawl space as well as serve as a solid base for ecological construction, structural thermal roofing and ceiling elimination wood falsework in construction works.

Length: +-6 m      |      Width: 30cm     |     Thickness: 10 cm      |      Weight: 95 kg      |     Area: 1.8 msq

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